At Spacetalk, we’re all about supporting children’s health, wellbeing and development through the use of innovative mobile technologies.

We believe the Global Mobile Awards are a fantastic way to recognise and highlight the amazing work that goes into advancing mobile technology and encourage people to keep exploring ways to make this technology more beneficial for end users.

What challenge are we addressing?

Here at Spacetalk, we’re using mobile technology to support the health and wellness of children both on and offline, giving parents the tools and they need to help keep their kids safe.

Access to inappropriate content, cyber bullying, stranger danger and scams are all things we work to protect children from through the development of the Adventurer smartwatch. 

How does Adventurer solve this?

It all starts with the easy-to-use functionality of the watch, making it simple for even the youngest of children to contact a loved one.


Adventurers many safety features give parents the confidence to let their child go to the park or walk the dog knowing they can see their location at any time, letting kids develop all-important independence skills and confidence.


This is all managed from the Spacetalk app on the parent or guardian’s own smartphone. From the app, they can customise the Safe Contacts list, set up geo-fenced Safe Zones, check their child’s location with Location on Demand as well as quickly respond to SOS Alerts should the child activate the SOS feature. 

How does Adventurer compare to other kids smartwatches?

Our brand-new Wellness update has pushed children’s wearables technology to the next level.


This Wellness update means parents can now monitor their child’s mood, a feature unique to Spacetalk Adventurer.  


Feelings lets children select how they’re feeling from a list of 12 emojis, which parents can view from the app map screen. Identifying emotions is a critical part of a child’s emotional development, helping them gain vital emotional literacy skills.