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Amazing stuff

I have a disabled 14 year old son and he wanted a mobile but would not be able to use a normal one. This Spacetalk smart watch phone is amazing and a brilliant piece of kit. My son can manage to use the phone as he can see who he is ringing by pictures. He can talk without having the difficulty of holding it to his ear. It's great for school times as you can just have it as a watch. We get to know how he is feeling thanks to the feelings app and to top it off the GPS tracker is a fantastic feature especially when my son has the disabilities that he has.

Brilliant present

Grandson so happy with this, but problem is he keeps phoning me but I love hearing him
Mum knows where he is and he can make calls

Fantastic watch

I purchased this was to give my 9 year some independence or being out with a parent, I love how I can track her and she can call and message has put me a ease of allow her to grow, only thing that would of liked would of liked its a snail trail history of where she has been, otherwise a fantastic buy for a little independent lady

Technology is Ahead-of-the-Game + Excellent Customer Support + Video Calling

I did LOTS OF RESEARCH into child-friendly smartwatches and I had a lot of boxes to tick.
(I come from a technology & sales background, so my benchmark for product and ongoing product support is pretty high).
I am overwhelmed by the manufacture quality and the tech features and functionality of this device; how easy it is to use the parental control App and the scope of it; i am blown away by the timely email communication and attention I received from the Support Team regarding delivery logistics.

My child spends half her time with dad, and this was the only child-friendly device I found that can deliver Video Calling via watch and we are very pleased with it.

Great watch

After the initial update everything works as expected, and it's features are much better than other watches. Having two boys and two watches it's nice they can ring each other also

Customer help

When setting up the watch we needed a bit it was great to be able to actually speak to someone rather.than go through online options....all sorted in a few minutes

Such peace of mind

This watch is wonderful, it enables you to see you child’s location whenever you want. Message them, call them. You can set safe zones and ask it to send you an alert if they don’t get to that safe zone by a certain time on certain days. It really is a wonderful device to give a parent peace of mind. Would recommend whole heartedly. My 10 year old daughter also loves it and feels that it is a good compromise on not being allowed a phone yet.

Delighted with it

The watch is everything we hoped for. It seems quite robust. It goodvto have the reassurance of the locator.

Very little battery for the size of the watch

Cons: The life battery is very small. It last less than 20 hrs, so if your child is going for sleepover, she/he will need to carry the charger!
It comes with a screen protector, but I do not understand why is not set up straight away or why the screen is not better. The screen protector provided, it lasted only 1 day, so I had to purchase another one and to pay nearly the same amount for delivery than the product.
Watch faces have very little options and they are vary simple.
From the application there is no way to see the media the phone has taken

Easy from the application to know where the child is.
Good quality for sound and photography.
Child seems please with the keyboard and emojis.

Peace of Mind

Love being able to communicate with my boys without being worried they will be addicted to the screen. However have been freaked out a couple of times when being notified that child has left the school when he is in fact still at school.

I’d say this is a Telstra glitch though.

Fantastic product

What a great solution for parents wanting the security of knowing where their child is and that they are contactable! Great product and alternative for people not wanting to give their children phones with the other risks involved. A great assett for our family. We will definately be getting more in the future for our other children!

Upgraded from Kids Spacetalk

This is my daughters 3rd Spacetalk. I upgraded her from the Kids Spacetalk to the Life simply because the strap system is so much easier for her to manage with her special needs, ie. dexterity. It gives her more independence to use the click and release clasp which means she can take it off her wrist and be responsible for putting on charge and putting it on in the morning. The fall detection feature is also a positive in our situation. She loves it and we love the peace of mind of the features and safety function of Spacetalk.

Christmas present

Brought this watch for my 5 year old daughter for a Christmas present can't wait to give it to her


After we had a failed experience with a competitor watch this has been a relief…
Reliable and my daughter loves being a lie to contact me when needed.
Thankyou space talk

Awesome watch

We received the watch with instructions very promptly. Set up initially was a bit of a challenge but due to Telstra not activating the SIM. When we called to get assistance we were helped an awesome man who walked me through the process. Now we have a way of safeguarding our Dad (80) should he fall. The system works really well. We’ve tested already. I’m so impressed with the watch and remarkably Dad seems to be able to use it fine. We set the app up on mums mobile. So all the contacts are there for dad if we want to add them. Super product. So happy with it. Much cheaper than an Apple Watch and does all the things we need. Plus it looks like a watch which means Dad doesn’t feel silly wearing it. Like a device around the neck.

Very good customer service. Thank you very much for your help with fixing the watches (our fault) promptly!

Space talk Adventurer review

Battery life is pretty bad, doesn't even last a whole day despite location updates turned off. It took multiple try's over a couple of days to even get it to connect to the app despite having credit ect that was a giant pain but email staff do reply quite promptly so that was nice.
telstra sim although still decides to not connect alot even though my phone right next to it will have range so unsure about that

Charging dock is meh would prefer something that just plugs in to the watch as sometimes it's tricky to get it to charge

We find it gets quite hot aswell
My child loves it but I wouldn't buy again

Great watch

My son actually love his watch because he according to him he can call me anytimr and message me anytime.

Overall a good product with 'space' for some improvement

We bought this space watch after being disappointed with another kids tracker watch due to that products customer service & lack of info about the product updates needed/how it works info etc.

The space watch is good at calling out (as my daughter has practiced more than required!) and the volume on the watch is just about ok for conversations but it could really do with one or two more noise level increases to make it easier to hear in busy situations, especially for the incoming calling alert sound. I like that the contacts list can have pictures alongside the names of the contacts (these show in the watch screen) to make it easier for younger kids to find who they want to call.

The SOS calling button is a bit under developed I feel, as it can be easily pressed when trying to do other things on the screen. It would have been better if it was something that didn't go off accidentally so easily, maybe a button you have to press in on the side of the watch would be an improvement? The SOS option will call a set list of contacts until someone answers but I'm not sure if it will stop calling out if it goes to an answerphone if it deems that answered?

The tracking function seems accurate so far but it could be improved by reducing the safe zone to less than 140m diameter from the safe point you program in to the app.

The app is easy enough to use and the customer service is really good, they've answered the phone pretty quickly whenever I've called. The watch itself is quite chunky and there are a lot of app options in the watch for the wearer to use, which I feel is a couple too many for the main functions of the watch. Because if the amount of 'stuff' they've put in to the watch it does mean the writing is quite small and pressing the right area on the watch can be fiddly. The messaging function has programmable preset words or sentences you can pick from or you can write your own with a querty keyboard - this is split though so switching between two screens to complete a sentence is too much to bother with normally.

I only bought this because the previous one I bought didn't have a reliable customer service and wasn't as user friendly for understanding how to make it work safely and more reliably. I feel the price of the space watch is too high for the user experience but it's the better option at the present time so I just felt I had to suck it up. I hope improvements are made but the main function this watch serves me is to help keep track of my daughter in events situations and summer clubs where I'm not always with her.

Ridiculous Product, Dont buy it !

I don't know how mums and dads here are giving 5 stars for such a dud product. Is it getting brownie points for being ausi company ?

1) $6 Monthly Subscription required to even add a contact on this $300 piece of crap ? really !! are you fing kidding me ? not to mention this on the top of monthly sim cost - This information should be mentioned bold and clear on the front page of the website rather than in fine print.

2) Touch screen takes you back in 90s - Unresponsive and old school, you almost fat finger on everything you try.

3) Watch is clucky and big even for adults standards, think of it on hand of kids. My daughter removes it after couple of hours due to fatigue.

4) Poor design - adding sim card requires you to remove belt. Sim card slot at the bottom of the watch gets all the sweat and dirt of the day

5) Poor battery - with the sim .. you would hardly get enough to have a good use for the whole day.

6) Poor specs - watch itself is very slow and unresponsive, kids experienced with faster devices loses interest and put this aside for being slow feature less.

I would rather give my kid a parental locked phone than this - which you can control remotely (yes native and free parental lock apps from google and apple is all you need to make a phone kids safe - search it)

I am returning this super dump so called smart watch !

Get One !

We have had Spacetalk in our family for just over 4 years, and we don't know what we did without it. It gives our boys' the extra freedom and security to be free range kids, and gives parents 100% peace of mind. We love the safe zones and school mode, our boy's love that they can message each other, or us, when ever they need to. We haven't got one negative thought on these great watches.

Spacetalk Life Smart Watch Phone

Long setup process for a senior which should be done by a younger family member. Lacks flexibility for SOS and Fall Detection with all Emergency Contacts having to receive a text. Battery life needs improving. Selections on watch are very small for a senior but would be fine for a younger person. Therefore, some small improvements are required for seniors which is the target market to make it more practical.

Best GPS Watch we have found.

We have tried moochies, and nut tag, along with others. This watch is hands down better, and Spacetalk has awesome repair support.

Great Watch

Great watch, perfect for primary school aged kids. It has a school mode feature which stops the child getting distracted with it during school hours. My son catches the bus home from school and if it is running late I can track him easily and make sure he isn’t in trouble.
We also use the alarm feature daily so he knows when to wake up and start getting ready for school.

Expensive costs

For the price + subscription (necessary for gps) + sim plan I think it is way too basic. I do like that there is no internet but would like some other features that could be fun for the kids, maybe learning apps? Im a bit disappointed I must say. And… not even video call on this model! Only voice call! I wish I had read a bit more before buying.