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useful but not easy to put on and off

This is new so my husband has not really utilised the SOS (luckily) or other features. The watch is functioning is good, and we knew it would be because our grandchildren have all worn spacetalk's to school and we have recommended to so many people. The only real problem with this watch is that it is very hard to put on, it involved holding down the rubber band while with the other hand clicking the watch into place, very difficult and we are both agile. I would imagine impossible for many old people and he has to take it off to charge it.

Broke easily

Had to glue the wristband the first week as it broke off after a fall to the ground. Broke again in both ends after my kid tripped and knocked both arm and Spacetalk to the ground. Had hoped the adventurer would. Be more robust.

It doesn’t charge fully

Problem with battery charger which goes on and off most of the time and as result doesn’t get charged

Amazing watch

Well worth the money, my son doesn’t go out without his watch, can track him wherever he is, abs text and call him, best thing I have ever brought

Awful battery life

We purchased this watch so we could keep tabs on my son after finishing school. Despite changing the location settings and reducing the screen brightness down to zero we are lucky if the battery lasts until the end of the school day. Aside from this the watch is great


Love the concept and that I can track where my child is and message back and forth but unfortunately it's not letting me phone him or him phone me but we don't know why can you help ?

Great app and functionality but the physical watch quality could be better

I’ve only marked this down because I don’t think the physical quality is quite as good as it could be for an active child.
I love the app, the telephone quality, the location option etc, everything about the functionality is spot on. However, the watch is covered in scrapes around the screen, we have the grey watch and the paint chips off white. The screen is chipped and scratched - this happened when my son fell within the first fortnight of having the watch and when I contacted Space Talk they said they tried to damage a screen with a screwdriver and it didn’t leave a mark and most recently the silver closing clip came off (this was an easy fix, I popped it back on myself) but it’s only about 2 months old.
Oh and the alert button is activated quite easily by leaning on it.

Good apart from charging

We got this for our 8 year old, as a few of her friends have it. A few things we found , maybe because our daughter is petite. The watch is huge on her wrist, so much that even the last hole on the watch, is still big on her wrist. Apart from that the concept is fab, as it gives us a bit of peace of mind when she is out at the park. The other point is charging, really fiddly as you have to try and manoeuvre it for it to charge not the easiest charging point.

Great concept, battery just doesn't last!

Absolutely loved the idea of the Spacetalk Advenurer for my son as the actual concept was so appealing. However, even in school mode - It doesn't even last until my son has finished school without the battery dying. My son is especially disappointed by this as he's been using it to learn to tell the time and can't see a countdown to when school finishes now as its drad before the end of school. Was hoping it would come in handy for when he goes to high school and able to walk by himself and see where he is. Now, I'm sad to say that through frustration, I'm actually ready to throw it in the bin. Not normally a negative reviewer as I like to see the positives in everything, but sad to say that I'm very disappointed :(

Not that great

Bought Two watched one for each of my kids and my daughters one works and not a days hassle my sons one hasn’t worked from day one and struggling to get it returned due to customer service at Spacetalk very disappointing

Pay a bit extra for the other one

I have four kids, I bought this one for the youngest and my oldest sons have the ones with the camera. The ones with camera have a much better battery life, in addition It dosent have as much features and is extremely basic for the price. This one is better for size as he has tiny wrists and has old fashion watch clasp rather than the smart watch design. The upgraded version with camera is substantial better but it does what it's meant to and works great.

It has it’a ups and downs

On the one hand this is a great watch for helping me keep in touch with my 9 year old - texting and calling excellent, tracking equally so, but the down sides are the strap is terrible to fasten and takes ages! The battery life is okay if u kid doesn’t spend too much time on calls etc, and I get a handy daily reminder to my phone to charge it and when it is low, but the charger doesn’t just charge when you connect it, you have to treat it gently till the light goes red! Nightmare and very annoying.

Great idea

The watch is a great idea although WhatsApp style video calling would have been even better. And it's a shame the ease of wearing wasn't a big consideration. The strap has too much ability to come loose and when you have an over active child the watch is likely to fall off and get lost. It's a shame it wasn't designed with a velcro strap that's easy for the child to put on themselves. Apart from that it's a great idea and communication with my 5 year old daughter whenever she wants, is now easier as she doesn't have to get her brother or mum to call me on her behalf 😊

An excellent watch for every kid

Spacetalk Adventurer is really a nice watch , which works smartly and inform about kid's whereabouts which is a great thing in today's world. Especially if kid is coming from the school if we wanna pick him up some where he can communicate to us where exactly he is standing or located. Its just one of the features of so many.
Give flexibility to switch to school mode so that he won't get disturbed and also give the security features such as only known contacts can call him ( can avoid spam calls).
This watch doesn't have social media which is a good thing otherwise kids gonna waster their time on the watch just like any other smart phone. It's good step towards avoiding social media distraction from attending classes ( I hope this should continue, not to have any additional smart phone apps such as watspp, Facebook etc).

Great product love it

Great product and really puts my mind at ease, knowing where he is. Easy to use and having photos for contacts is a great feature. My son is autistic and likes to wonder on his own.

In theory it would be a great asset.

App works well. Watch does as it should but will not charge correctly. Had nothing but charging problems. Always dead so have given up. Id suggest a better charging Dock or better straps to enable better contact on the dock

It’s a good product what let’s it down is that with out the subscription on the app it does make it quite costly also the lack of video calling

Could be better

Although this watch is great for keeping in contact with your kids and knowing exactly where they are I find a few things could be made better.

There is another very similar watch on the market at a much cheaper price which allows your child to text the words they want to their watch contacts but the spacetalk has pre written messages and only they messages can be sent, the colour is scratched and chipped from the watch easily and after a lot of online research I have found that there are no covers that can be bought for this watch which is disappointing, for the cost you would be expect to be able to give it a bit more protection and lastly trying to access voicemails is very tricky.

It’s ok!

Good points -
You can track where your child is
You can set notifications for when they arrive or leave an area
You can put it into school mode
Easy for child to make contact (call or text!)

Not so good points -
You get a notification that they’ve arrived at a location or left it, about and hour after (even when set to frequent updates!)
It’s very tricky to get on charge and often knocks off
Can’t tell the difference between being on or off the wrist (you get notified when it’s put on or taken off!)
Quite chunky for small wrists

Not sure would buy another in all honesty, should this one stop working.

Not great

The battery is terrible

It notifies me hours after my child leaves his ‘safe zone’

It’s really clunky and not very responsive when you touch the screen

Overall very good

Our 10 year old is just starting to want more independence and this watch is perfect as it allows him to contact us or us to contact him easily and we can see his location on the map.
However the watch itself is too bulky, my son is one of the tallest/broadest children in his year and yet it is still a bit cumbersome for his arm.
Also we have had issues with sand/grit getting in to the sim card holder.
Having said that the features are great and our son is really happy with it.


Great watch for my daughter she loves it and so easy to usebthe app. The only fault I would have is the app only works with Google and as I have a Huawei phone isn't not possible to use so I need to use a different phone to keep track of her.

Great idea, ideal for safety

This watch is great for my 8 year old who likes to play out in the street where we live. I can contact her via call or message any time, I can look on my app to see where she is etc. It's ideal for that. However, the text function is extremely difficult for a child to use as it's very fiddly and the screen is small. A voice message function would be great, or a simpler keyboard (is mobile style so press once for 'a' twice for 'b' three times for 'c' for example. That's not very easy for a young person to learn. That's my only qualm. And also that you pay monthly subscription on the app. Like I'm already paying for the should be free.

Returned product

This watch never lasted a whole day… returned as wasn’t fit for purpose!

7 hour battery life, calls rarely worked

Battery lasted 7-8 hours maximum, even with all settings on optimum. Calls and messages rarely went through and app was very glitchy. Zero stars for the product, 2 stars given as the customer service was good. Shame as it could be a good product if it delivered on it's claims.